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Spencer Guy.

Dad, husband & photographer of people in love.

I love coffee, being outdoors and animals (not so much cats, but I wish no harm to them). Most of all I love my very own little fam; doing anything with those guys is a good time.

Based on NSW’s beautiful coal coast, available anywhere, ever.

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Recent work



FOR THE LOVE OF real love.

I'm a big old believer in photographing everything as it is. I'll take a look of pure contentment and presentness over all else. Those are the keepers. Those are the ones you'll cherish. Two things I hope you noticed about my work; I love nature a lot. I love the outdoors and think there is something about the untamed that amplifies the love that (I assume?) you guys have for each other. The other thing is that when I photograph people, they are genuinely happy. No Blue Steel™ gazes here; just happy and content people in love.

I try to keep my presence subtle and direction to a minimum - this is what makes you remember what your day felt like, rather than just what it looked like. That said, I might ask you to kick off your shoes and trudge through the grass, climb some hills, or hitch up your dress and amble through some water. I love to photograph as immersed in nature as possible - the beauty of the unspoilt is so appropriate for celebrating wild and crazy love. It's where we come from.

More than all else, I want you to enjoy your wedding day and to be there completely. It's just one day, and it's the culmination of months, years, or even decades of deciding that you love someone and want to tie your souls together. If you can nail that, I'll document it so you can remember it forever just as it was.


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Weddings come in all different shapes and sizes. There's big ones, little ones, really little ones, weddings in churches, weddings in paddocks, weddings on beaches and weddings in the mountains - but as long as you guys are super in love, then I want to be involved. To have me at your wedding starts at $2,300 for 6 hours coverage. Use the contact form below to get a bit more detailed.

Elopement packages available upon request.


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Families & Portraits

I love, love, love shooting families as well. Families come in all shapes and sizes and absolutely everyone of them deserves memories to cherish and hold onto forever. As with all my photography, every moment is real - it's you guys hanging out in the outdoors; there's no risk of ending up in an Awkward Family Photos coffee table book.

Get in touch using the form below for pricing.


Hello - thanks for making it this far!

This is me and that’s Elijah - my main man. A little more about me. I grew up in South Australia but have since lived in many, many other places including Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and often even just out of a backpack around the world - but I now live in Thirroul, NSW. I love animals. I surf (badly). I, like most humans, love a lot of music. I really love people in love. If that’s you, and you think you wouldn’t mind me subtly third-wheeling on your wedding day, use the form and say hello.

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